You have 2 options to report a problem to us:

  • Create a new ticket directly through Bridge PC Repair Help Desk portal without having an account or being logged in.
  • Create a new ticket through your existing account after having logged in.

Don't have an account on Bridge PC Repair Help Desk yet

No problem at all as you do not need to have an account on Bridge PC Repair Help Desk to submit your issue. The only difference submitting a request without an account is you will not be able to track this request and the previous ones you might have filed into the system. It is not too late though as you can create an account as explained on the page "How to register for an account on Bridge PC Repair Help Desk".

You can then directly jump to the section below "Create a new ticket".

Have an account on Bridge PC Repair Help Desk

That is the easiest way to go as you can easily create new tickets and more importantly keep track of your past and existing problems.

In order to report a new issue, first of all you need to log on by following these steps:


Click on the "LOGIN" button.

Enter your email address and password. Click on the "LOGIN" button

Once logged in, you can then follow along with the section below "Create a new ticket".

Create a new ticket

Click on "New Support Ticket"

Fill out the form

Fill in as much information as you can to describe in detail your issue or request. The more information we have from you the easier and quicker it is to come back to you with a solution.

As an example please indicate:

  • make of your computer / printer / device
  • model of your computer / printer / device
  • Windows version
  • Desktop or laptop
  • if you request a call out or if the equipment can be dropped off
  • if you explicitly request a remote assistance because you know that it can be fixed this way
  • Windows password as this platform is secured, see the little green lock at the top left corner of this page
  • if this request is urgent
  • any other detail that you think might be important

You also have the ability to attach files like screenshots or any files that can help solve your problem.

In order to do so click on the blue link "+ Attach a file" and locate the file on your computer.

Finally, click on "SUBMIT" button to send your request.

We will respond to you in a professional way as soon as one of our technicians will get to know about your request. Expect to have a response either by email or phone.

From now on we are working on it!